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Birth, Lactation and Postpartum Support

As a caring Doula, I provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need during pregnancy, labor and beyond. If you are interested in labor support, a birth companion and feeding advice, as well as postpartum support - I’m here for you. From personalized care to continuing education, birth and postpartum classes, my goal is to make sure you have everything you need as you become parents.

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I take on a limited number of clients at any one time to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. By offering prenatal visits, my goal is to reduce stress, educate you on your options, plan for self-care, allowing you to pay attention to your body and your baby, and be fully prepared to meet this new person!  Covered are suggestions for education, birth plan creation, feeding options, birthing options, prenatal preparations and mindset techniques to help you succeed in the birth of your choice.


Assisted Water Birth


As a DONA certified birth doula, my role is to provide education, emotional support and in person hands on physical comfort for your labor and birth.  As soon as you are ready to start working together either early in your pregnancy or later on- we will form a personal relationship so that I can be someone who you feel safe with, ask all  the questions, get all the answers so that you can make confident decisions that suit your individual needs. Having an advocate with you no matter what setting or type of birth you choose, will affect your positive birth experience.

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Parents who plan for additional postpartum support tell me that having me come during those early weeks was the best thing they did!  There is so much to learn in such a short time, all while needing more sleep than you are getting!  As a postpartum doula, I walk alongside parents as they navigate the challenges they will encounter taking care of a newborn, and their household.  I make sure your little one is safe and sound while you take a shower or much needed nap, or while a load of baby laundry is washing I can start a meal.   I will support your emotional recovery with a genuine open heart and presence.

Child Birth Education

Birth & Postpartem Education

Get Empowered With a Childbirth Class You Will Love! I am now offering many options and specialties for this amazing childbirth class! Options include totally virtual, hybrid, accelerated, family specific, location specific, first time parents, and more!​​​

Evidence Based Birth Classes
  • 6 classes virtual with certified EBB instructor & classmates

  • Prepare for the labor process and practice your labor skills

  • In-depth, spiral-bound workbook in physical or digital format (your choice!)

  • BONUS: Breastfeeding/chestfeeding and newborn
    care videos

Postpartum Classes

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Meet with other new parents to learn how to navigate these new roles, to take care of the body and spirit and support each other in community. 
Series events may include movement for mothers, sessions with professional educators, mental health aids, lactation and feeding guidance, infant care, yoga, defeating diastasis recti, nutrition, infant massage and more!


Doula Services & Scheduling

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