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Lucy Paradiso Doula LLC

Birth and Postpartum Services

As a caring Doula, I provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need during pregnancy, labor and beyond. If you are interested in labor support, a birth companion and feeding advice, as well as postpartum support-I’m here for you.

All About Me

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Who I Am

I am an experienced mother of six ( including twins), and a pharmacist who is also a natural wellness proponent.  I am a DONA certified birth doula, and a certified lactation counselor with The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice and a postpartum doula.  As well as physical support during labor, my role is also to act as an advocate for the birthing person and their family. Providing postpartum care in the home, as parents recover and adjust, helps create the best start. I provide tools for education and feel that knowing what to expect makes a birth experience and the newborn weeks at home flow with more ease.

Pregnancy and birth is such a wondrous event.  Being prepared and having amazing support empowers birthers as they experience the birth they choose. As a birth Doula, I feel honored to be able to share my expertise with families around New Jersey. Having a postpartum doula rounds out your support to include non-judgmental and complete care for the baby and parents in the first few weeks.

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My Services

What I Do

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Prenatal Visits


Postpartum Support

Birthing Guidance

I offer a variety of support services personalized for each client. Depending on when you hire me, I provide advice on everything from nutrition and exercise to developing a birth plan and picking the right birthing facility. Breastfeeding basics can also be covered as part of the package!

I provide you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support before and after birth. Planning for your needs once at home with your newborn may include  postpartum doula services for a few weeks as you heal, and get used to the new routines. Our initial meeting will help me tailor my packages to fit your needs. Get in touch to find out more.

All pregnancies are different, and that’s why I work with each client to develop a customized plan for pregnancy, birth and beyond. As a birth doula, I support all types of births, and help educate to empower good decisions. I support all families and create safe and calm environments where your needs are first.

 If I sound like a good fit, click the get in touch button below, and schedule an initial consultation.

You enter the labor space uniquely yourself, and in birth are transformed, it is a sacred and beautiful becoming, and your doula is your witness, guide and friend.

Scotch Plains, NJ


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